village Vojkovice nad Ohří

      The village of Vojkovice is situated in the deep valley of the Ohře River, surrounded by the forests of the Doupov Hills and the Ore Mountains, giving the village a unique landscape that is especially popular with nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. In winter it is skiing and other winter sports.

      Karlovy Vary - regional city

      17km away from our accommodation

      Karlovy Vary is a regional and statutory town in western Bohemia, in the Karlovy Vary Region, 110 km west of Prague at the confluence of the Ohře and Teplá rivers. It has approximately 48 thousand inhabitants. The area of the cadastre is 59.10 km². The glass and food industry is developed here. It is the most visited Czech spa town.

      Kyselka Spa - Mattoni

      7km away from our accommodation

      The Kyselka Spa, previously known as Kysibl, is a complex of former municipal spas in the village of Kyselka near Karlovy Vary in western Bohemia. The spa buildings lie to the south of the village itself, on the right bank of the Ohře River and the northwestern foot of Bučina Hill, forming the western spur of the Doupovské hory.

      Village Kyselka - Radošovský most (bridge)

      5km away from our accommodation

      Radošov Bridge is a covered wooden road bridge over the Ohře River in Radošov, part of Kyselka in the Karlovy Vary Region. It is carried over the bed of the watercourse by stone pedestals. The bridge burned down and was subsequently rebuilt in 2003.

      Horní Hrad (Hauenštejn)

      8km away from our accommodation

      Hauenštejn is a castle from the second half of the 13th century converted into a chateau in the settlement of Horní Hrad near Stráž nad Ohří in the Ore Mountains in the Karlovy Vary district. It has been protected as a cultural monument since 1964.

      Kyselka - part of village Stráž nad Ohří

      9km away from our accommodation

      Korunní is a small village, part of the municipality of Stráž nad Ohří in the district of Karlovy Vary. It is located about 2 km northeast of Stráž nad Ohří. There are 24 addresses registered here. In 2011, 47 inhabitants lived here permanently. Korunní is also the name of a cadastral area of 1.41 km². Kamenec is also located in the cadastral area of Korunní.

      Klášterec nad Ohří

      22km away from our accommodation

      Klášterec nad Ohří is a town in the Chomutov region, situated at an altitude of 320 metres above sea level in the Ohře Valley between the Ore and Doupov Mountains in northwest Bohemia. It has approximately 14 thousand inhabitants. The town is crossed by the I/13 road and the railway line 140 Cheb - Klášterec nad Ohří and 130 Klášterec nad Ohří - Ústí nad Labem

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